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Bell Ringers

The cathedral bells are rung using Change Ringing, the swirling sounds that are unique to England and a few other English-speaking countries and they are often heard better on the other side of the river.


There are 8 bells hung for change ringing, with five of them able to be connected up to the clock, four to chime each quarter hour and one to chime the hour. The clock is mechanised, but all other ringing is rung in the traditional way with one person at the end of each bell rope. The bells range in size from quarter of a ton to just over one ton. Despite the weight of the bells, the ringers do not need to be

immensely fit and strong. Children as young as ten years of age can ring our bells. The current age range of our ringers is 15 years through to 80 years.


The bells are ring for Sunday Services, weddings and other special occasions as required. For a really special occasion a peal may be rung with each bell being rung non-stop at least 5000 times. This takes about three hours and is the bellringers’ equivalent of a marathon.


For more information about bellringing please contact:

Tower Captain: Wendy Tyrrell (

Secretary: Sue Allen (

St Peter's Bell Ringers

Bell ringers at St Peter's Cathedral in action, 2019


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