What is baptism?

Baptism is a sacred act of the Christian faith that invites a person to Jesus Christ and is welcomed as a member of Christ’s Church. It is a new beginning on a life’s journey in which the baptised person is accepted and sealed by God with the Holy Spirit to represent Christ’s light and love to the world.


When baptism is of a baby or a child, the baptised receives the love and shared faith of the family, friends and Church Whānau to grow up into Christ.


What does the service involve?

The baptism service generally takes place on Sundays after the main 10:00am service, however there is the option to have the baptism during our main service as well. The duration of the service takes around 30-45 minutes depending on the number of candidates we baptise on the day. The service includes music, reflection, gifts for candidates and some laughter and fun as well!

Preparation for Baptism

We request and require all candidates (and their families) seeking for baptism at St Peter’s Cathedral to attend an evening session before their baptism. This occurs on the 2nd & 4thWednesdays of every month at 6-7pm. We meet and gather at the Cathedral where candidates will connect with the team and go through what is baptism, the liturgy and commitments of baptism as well as explore the Cathedral of where the baptism will take place.

For more information on baptism, contact 

The Very Rev'd Julian Perkins or 020 4124 6555