Repairs to Windows

Repairs to our windows

Following an attack by vandals some months ago we are now completing repairs to both the Porch window and the Te Deum window. Total cost of this repair is going to be about $15,500, fortunately most of this will be covered by our insurers, but such claims have ongoing ramifications when negotiating future premiums.

Here is the artwork that is etched onto the Porch Window, this is complete and should be installed within the next two weeks.

The two photos show the amount of scaffolding needed to get to the Te Deum window. The broken panel is now in Auckland and should be back within the next two months.

Bronze Conch Shell

This is another work in progress, originally stolen last year, a new shell has been cast and is currently being coloured and prepared by Nigel Kapoor, we hope to have this installed before Christmas.